EFL Classrooms in the New Millennium: Local Developments and Global ConcernsVigente

31 julio 2015

Organiza: Federación Argentina de Asociaciones de Profesores de Inglés (FAAPI)
Lugar: Córdoba
Fecha: 24, 25 y 26 de septiembre de 2015
Fecha límite para el envío de trabajos: 30/04 de 2015
Actividad arancelada

The mission of FAAPI, the Argentine Federation of English Teachers’ Associations, is to connect and support English Language Teaching professionals in Argentina and to foster continuing development and growth in the field of EFL teaching.  FAAPI‘s Annual Conference, organised every year by one of its twenty Teachers’ Associations, is a key academic event meant to help accomplish that mission.
The 2015 FAAPI Conference, organised by A.C.P.I., Córdoba English Teachers’ Association, will bring together ELT professionals from Argentina and other countries to discuss and reflect upon the classroom challenges and teaching concerns of the new millennium. These include the need to humanize the use of ICTs in the different learning environments, prioritizing learning and the learner in a glocal context.

The 2015 Conference will bring together ELT professionals from Argentina and other countries to discuss, reflect and develop their ideas on the proposed topics. It will also allow participants to engage in professional networking by exchanging experiences informally, presenting their research and/or debating their views.
The 2015 Conference organisers invite graduate teachers, teacher trainers, researchers and materials writers to submit proposals for presentations.


  1. ICTs in teaching/learning English
  2. Language for diversity and inclusion
  3. Latest trends in teaching EFL, ESP and EAP
  4. Managing the new classroom

To submit a proposal, please complete the Presenter’s Form at CLICK HERE and send it to the following e-mail address:faapi2015proposals@gmail.com

For further information regarding the conference, please send your enquiries to: info@acpi.org.ar

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