New Free Webinar Series: Educar en Red. Towards a Hybrid Approach

12 noviembre 2020

Fundación Lúminis has always sought for making a contribution to the Argentine educational community, especially in this covid-19 pandemic context. With this purpose in mind, and with the support of Facebook and the Argentine Ministry of Education, we organized the Educar en Red: Towards a Hybrid Approach, a free webinar series. Its purpose is to provide advice on how to teach by combining virtual sessions, in-person sessions, and digital resources. To achieve this, we invited well-known specialists in different educational areas.

Each session is divided into two parts: the first is a theorical one, and the second one includes an ICTs experienced referent, who attempts to articulate one given theoretical concept with a concrete teaching practice and/or approach.

The webinars are free of charge and, even though they keep a certain coherence throughout them, they have been designed as separate units. The webinars may be watched on demand.

All webinars include a question and answer session with the specialists. They are streamed through the Zoom platform, and are simultaneously streamed through Facebook Live. After each event, a summarized version of the webinar is distributed in video format.

Upcoming Webinars:


Thursday, November 12, 6 PM Duration: 40 minutes.

  • How to Use Padlet Wallpapers, geolocalization, and collaborative processes. Ideas and practical examples for the classroom. Click Here to Enroll 

Tuesday, November 17, 6 PM Duration: 60 minutes.

  • Faro Digital: Digital Coexistence. How to accompany boys and girls in digital environments. Click Here to Enroll

Thursday, November 19, 6 PM Duration: 40 minutes.

  • Melina Furman: Educating Curious Minds with ICTs as Allies. Suitable for secondary                                            level. Click Here to Enroll

Past Webinars

  • Denise Abulafia: 10 Tips for Interactive Virtual Classes via WhatsApp.      Suitable for secondary level. Dictated on October 20.
  • Diana Mazza: Thinking Future Case Scenarios. Orientation for Teachers. Suitable for all levels. Dictated on October 22.
  • Denise Abulafia. Webinar: Interactive Tools for Personalized Learning. Suitable for primary level. Dictated on October 27.
  • Diana Mazza. Thinking Future Case Scenarios. Orientation for School Directors. Suitable for all levels. Dictated on October 29.
  • Rebeca Anijovich: New Teaching Scenarios. Suitable for primary and secondary levels. Dictated on November 3.
  • Melina Furman: Educating Curious Minds with ICTs as Allies. Suitable for primary level. Dictated on November 5.
  • Rebeca Anijovich: Challenges in Teachers Training. Suitable for teachers training. Dictated on November 10.