About Us


We are a group of people who strongly believe that leveraging the quality, fairness and management of education standards is closely related to the quality of teacher training and the development of research on education related issues. Furthermore, we also believe that those standards are closely related to the economic, social and cultural development of Argentina.

At Luminis we strive for:

  • The quality of education in Argentina and its impact on the future of the country.
  • The quality of teacher training.
  • The fairness of the educational system.
  • The solution to management issues in the Argentine educational system.

Board of Trusteed

Chair person Silvia Paz Illobre
Vice Chairman Eduardo R. Orteu
Secretary Lisandro Bril
Treasurer Eduardo E. Orteu
Trustees Teresa Aguirre Urreta de Acevedo, Graciela Martini


Communications – Building Citicenship: Gabriel Latorre
Communications – Social Networks: Christine Dwerryhouse
Scholarship Programmes:  Mariano Alu
Administration: Marcos Orteu, Andrea García