Region II Project — Buenos Aires Province


The project was done between 2002 and 2005. 3 institutional development projects were implemented at ISFDs of
Region II in Buenos Aires province: ISFD Avellaneda; ISFD Villa Urbana,-Lomas de Zamora; ISFD Almirante Brown.


  • To draft and institutional project to solve ISFDs� specific issues.
  • To provide well known academic professionals to prepare and develop a project .
  • To give grants to ISFD faculty so that they become part of the university graduate or postgraduate training programme
  • To give 15 grants per ISFD during the whole career (about 3 years) to ISFD students.

The programme granted:

  • Institutional subsidies for each ISFD.
  • 45 grants for students.
  • 20 ISFDs� teacher grants for postgraduate courses or masters degrees at university level.