Knowledge Managment


Research grants:

As a part of the programme to support research on teacher training improvement , the Foundation is subsidizing research �the teachers of teacher training; profiles, representation and expectations�.

This research was monitored by Lic. Inès Aguerrondo, with Lic. Lea Vezub as the main researcher It will shortly be in our virtual library.

This research will analyze the situation of the teachers, degrees and socio-cultural profiles. We can foresee a problem of having too many graduates for elementary schools and a shortage of trained teachers for secondary levels.

Its results will help institutions with insertion programs for teachers to improve the situation hinted at, and which will be proved at the end of this research.

Another research �Wealthy schools for the poor. Social segregation in Argentine education� (see – spanish only) aims at improving teacher and student training and curriculum as well as to cater for nutritional deficit and to do away with educational segregation at this level.

This research was coordinated by Lic. Juan Llach, had Lic María Elina Gigaglia as a main researcher and was part of a cooperation agreement between IAE and Luminis Foundation.