Lúminis — INFD (National Institute for Teachers Training) Projects at the Province of Buenos Aires


Micro experience consisting of Policies and Programs Monitoring at Teachers� Training Colleges (TTCs) (2008/2009)

The purpose of this project was to monitor and accompany the projects of various kinds and at different levels (provincial, national)
that some TTCs carry out, in order to trigger awareness of the different processes put forward in such projects and of the institutional conditions that hold them, taking into account that such information is worthwhile for both internal and external management.

Student careers. How are they built? What do Teacher Training Colleges do to encourage or discourage them? (2010/1011)

The objective of this project is to analyze dropout and shelling situations during first year at Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs). These situations bring about a high degree of frustration for students and, at the same time, they cause concern at colleges, which notice how, year after year, enrolment diminishes. Actions that enable this situation to change and that tend to improve the admission conditions and permanence of students have been thought of for some time. Nevertheless, these do not seem to have the desired results.
We at Fundación Lúminis have joined with the TTCs to observe such actions, collect students� and teachers� opinions about them and, taking such opinions into account, evaluate them.