Improvements in Teachers Training


Programmes to improve the quality of teacher training and thus improve Teacher Training Institutes (ISFD), by means of a research-action programme.

We work hard for improving the academic level of ISFDs through incentives and strengthening the development of institutional projects and the deployment of institutional assessment and self evaluation.

Goals of the programme

  • To promote the professional and academic development of the faculty members.
  • To create those conditions that favour students� training process.
  • To get the commitment of institutional members concerning drafting and development of an improvement project to face the main issues concerning the training of future teachers.
  • To strengthen autonomous pedagogical, institutional and administrative management.
  • To contribute to regularly perform evaluation practices, institutional assessments and self evaluations.
  • To develop the tools for institutions to perform and complete the tasks that these programmes started.
  • To contribute with an updated training for newly graduated teachers so as to provide tools for future problems they might encounter.


  • Region II Project Buenos Aires Province
  • PorVenir teachers project
  • Schools for the Bicentenary Project
  • Lúminis – INFD Projects
  • Lúminis – DES Projects