Mate Marote: A flexible automated framework for large-scale educational interventions

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There is big consensus that computer games may be an effective way of learning and many initiatives are being developed where aspects from cognitive sciences are being applied in the development of these games. In this article, we present Mate Marote, a flexible framework for large-scale educational interventions. Based on the delivery programs of computers to each student in Argentinian schools, we developed an environment that provides activities/games and registers usage statistics. This framework
keeps installation up-to-date connecting with a central server as Internet connection is detected, synchronizing new activities, version updates and usage history. As a first testbed intervention, we deployed three games in La Rioja province (Argentina), where OLPC is the official program. These games were focused on training inhibitory control, working memory and planning skills. We found that usage statistics of games replicate previous results found at the laboratory, showing that this platform works as an intervention framework despite its unsupervised nature.

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