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En nuestra Biblioteca Virtual se pueden encontrar versiones completas de artículos, tesis y trabajos vinculados con temas de educación y formación docente. Los archivos se encuentran en formato PDF. Si no posee un lector para este tipo de documentos, lo puede descargar de forma gratuita aquí.

The teaching and the learning brain: A cortical hemodynamic marker of teacher–student interactions in the Socratic dialog

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The study aimed to step into two-person (teacher–student) educational neuroscience. We describe a physiological marker of cortical hemodynamic correlates involved in teacher– student interactions during performance of a classical teaching model, the Socratic dialog. We recorded prefrontal brain activity during dialog execution simultaneously in seventeen teacher–student pairs using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). Our main finding is that students, who …

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Mate Marote: A flexible automated framework for large-scale educational interventions

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There is big consensus that computer games may be an effective way of learning and many initiatives are being developed where aspects from cognitive sciences are being applied in the development of these games. In this article, we present Mate Marote, a flexible framework for large-scale educational interventions. Based on the delivery programs of computers to each …

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